Any DLive Streamers?

Any DLive Streamers?

We have recently seen a shift of a few members over to DLive a live streaming platform that allows you to earn money by watching a stream using LINO (A cryptocurrency), Lino is used for every transaction within DLive including subscribing to partnered channels such as our founder JoshBaked, this allows anyone to earn from streaming.

I’ve seen a lot of Mixer Streamers start streaming on both platforms due to them both not having an exclusivity clause.

For anyone who has been streaming or planning on streaming to DLive we have created @Dlive Streamer role with access to #promote-dlive within our discord, These roles will allow you to promote your channel.

We have also set up our own channel where we will be streaming our Event Coverage as well as twitch & mixer


Time Stamp: 2019-01-21 09:34:04 | Author: Steven Smith (IGSteven)

Gener8 Competiton


The guys at Gener8 believe in us, they support us and they put their money where their mouth is. We believe Gener8 will be a game-changer for us as content creators. It will help our audiences generate income online & allow them to support their favourite content creators. Win-win.

Now, we’re really excited to bring you the BIGGEST, fully exclusive competition that our community has seen. There’s a MASSIVE, cocktail of prizes to be won. Including…

– £4,000 cash
– A 3 month paid sponsorship
– Limited Edition Merchandise

We want to ignite the movement and rally our followers to get behind Gener8 and share it with their friends. The top 10 streamers who refer the most amount of ‘verified’ installs to Gener8 will win the money shown in the image below.

Be sure to sign up with the SC ref link here: So your referrals can be tracked for this competition.

Please see the full pinned post in #gener8 of our Discord for the rules of this competition. – The competition closes at 12pm on Friday 1st Feb When posting on social media make sure you tag @Gener8_ads using #StreamersConnected they will help share your posts to spread your referral code further.

Check out the Asset pack with videos, images and other things, here:…/161iQMvpGXGqIp9ToSqbXTXCoxWCsVDi…

Once you’ve shared on your usual channels you may want to get creative and think about using Reddit, Facebook Groups and anything else that will help you spread the word.


Time Stamp: 2019-01-21 09:22:36 | Author: Steven Smith (IGSteven)

Cool partnership with Gener8 Ads

We’ve got some pretty exciting news for you…in November we heard about an interesting tech startup called Gener8, installed their extension and started playing with it. In December we started speaking with them and you may have seen me talk about it in one of my streams. Well, this week we met with the guys and have cooked up a cool partnership (more on that soon).

Check out their explainer video:

What is it?
A browser extension that gives you control over the ads you see and enables you to make money from seeing them. It works by replacing all online ads so that it can pay you every time you see one. The money comes from the companies who’ve paid to show you ads. They use your preferences to match the ads you see with the ones that they think you will be most interested in.

If you want to try it out, sign up here:

We’re excited to partner with them to develop Gener8 into a tool that can be used by content creators to help their audience generate income online & to be able to support content creators directly through Gener8. We have something super awesome coming in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you have any questions, you can use the #gener8 channel in our to get in touch with the team!

Time Stamp: 2019-01-21 09:07:53 | Author: Steven Smith (IGSteven)