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Stream labels for custom fortnite/pubg stats on your streaming overlay (OBS Studio)

Hi guys. I am a new streamer (and a software developer in my day job), using obs studio and streaming fortnite and pubg for ps4. I use streamlabs' streamlabels to populate my overlays with subscriber/follower/etc. data. I was playing around with the API and created a console application to update text files (labels) to use in obs for showing my stats on my stream. If you're interested in using it, it's available here (http://bretonsoftware.com/). All you need to do is extract the zip to a folder, edit the .config file with notepad to adjust to your specific playerid/platform/path settings, and then run the exe (minimize it and allow it to run in the background). You can then use obs studio to add a text element to your scene using any of the output files as input. If you need help setting it up, feel free to contact me at ([email protected]) and I'll be sure to help.

If you like, consider donating using the url on my stream page (http://twitch.tv/tbiggs14) and give me a shout out! Also, I'd like to hear suggestions for future development. I'm already working on a proper api and a version that runs in the windows system tray as well as adding NEW STATS.

Edit: Forgot to mention you'll need windows 10 (or windows 7 or later with the latest os updates) in order to run.