Announcement - Any DLive Streamers?


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Any DLive Streamers? Posted by Steven Smith (IGSteven)

Any DLive Streamers?

We have recently seen a shift of a few members over to DLive a live streaming platform that allows you to earn money by watching a stream using LINO (A cryptocurrency), Lino is used for every transaction within DLive including subscribing to partnered channels such as our founder JoshBaked, this allows anyone to earn from streaming.

I’ve seen a lot of Mixer Streamers start streaming on both platforms due to them both not having an exclusivity clause.

For anyone who has been streaming or planning on streaming to DLive we have created @Dlive Streamer role with access to #promote-dlive within our discord, These roles will allow you to promote your channel.

We have also set up our own channel where we will be streaming our Event Coverage as well as twitch & mixer


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