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Create Custom Channel Art for Your Stream

I created Dough.GG, a marketplace where you can find channel artists to help you create custom graphics for your stream. This platform can help you create graphics, overlays, custom audio, outros, sub badges, video compilations, and even channel management!

I made this specifically because I see people get burned in Discord all the time. Whether its a take your money and run situation, the work isn't up to par, or even just pouring through dozens of portfolios with no idea of their work history. Dough aims to solve that, by securing payments, watermarking images before confirmation, and an advanced work history and portfolio section!

I have big plans for Dough and I'd really like for it to help artists and streamers run their stream and freelancing more professionally. In order to add the tools like stream analytics, sponsorships, and reporting I need your help to get there! So if you need any channel art, or know someone looking to have some made - head to my site and sign up!
I know I am a bit late, but I was wandering if the site had moved to a different hyperlink or if it is shutdown.