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Jump start!


I've always been bad at creating names, but how about we give a huge thanks for Steven and Tetsumi for pushing Streamers Connected forward! Zonda's just as a hard worker, too. Can't forget him.

That out of the way, lets all band together and get the forum roaring! What would you like out of this forum?
Personally, Networking! Making partners, friends, working together to reach our goals. Because let's face it, doing this alone, you need to hit gold. Timing, the content, the planets and stars, everything has to be perfectly aligned to reach a large amount of viewers.

...ok, maybe not the planet and stars. Might of... exaggerated a bit.

Sadly, not all of us have that luxury. The luxury called luck. We have to be selfless, not selfish. You will grow, you will reach your goal, we just have to work as a team. Things might not always go as you'd like. I know that, myself. But if you quit, if you stop moving, you won't get anywhere. Keep. Pushing.

What about you? Looking to make friends, too? Collabs? Have questions or concerns? What do you want out of Streamers Connected Forum?