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New Twitch Overlay Extension [TuneMoji]

Hey Guys,

I just joined Streamers Connected never was aware there was forum all this time, I used to be on the group on Twitch until Twitch have removed it with tags.

I have currently been shared with new awesome extension from TuneMoji on Twitch so I think it will be good idea to share it here.

TuneMoji is the only app that lets you say it with a song. Browse, search & send music GIFs with sound on messaging platforms.
Recently TuneMoji have made Twitch Extension for Twitch Player, You can now play Gifs on your stream as Stream Notifications or new way for people to spend bits!

You can select TuneMojis to be made available to their watchers.

TuneMojis can be free, require a paid subscription, or carry a pay-as-you-go price in “Bits” (Twitch’s currency)

Watching a certain streamer can activate the TuneMoji extension and chose the right TuneMoji to play for the moment (LOL, Fail, Well done, etc).

The selected TuneMoji gets played to everyone (streamer and spectators). Great way to interact with your favorite streamers and like-minded people.

You can install Twitch Extension directly on link below

This is game changer for console players as a console streamer I can finally play notifications without OBS :)

All gifs and sounds are License so you don't need to worry about Mute on stream due copyright sounds!
More Clips to come :)

Let me know guys what you think of this extension and if you have any feedback, TuneMoji is awesome so I went forward and making aware of it <3

Kind Regards
Twitch Streamer
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